Vietsun Story

Vietsun, a portmanteau word of the Sun of Vietnam, is designed for our eye-catching and ambitious company name portraying our love for Motherland – a growing Vietnam and depicting our philosophy of work - to warm up life. With these in mind our Vietsun goes international.




Like a pretty lotus springing out of the motherland, Vietsun Investment Corporation, commonly known as Vietsun going through ten years of growth, is now in full swing, exuding its fragance to the four corners of the world. The past ten years have witnessed agonising hardship and ordeal as well as pride and delight, and marked concerted efforts made by the beloved Vietsun family members.

Story has it that a teacher’s family in Nghe An Province gave birth to the children, who lived on a shoestring but never gave up in the face of challenges. Ardent ambition and strong life philosophy took shape in their childhood.

These youngsters graduated from the famed universities where they were well equipped with knowledge and inculcated with life philosophy, gradually shaping their hoped-for future.

It is the university of life which enabled them to morph into those who were steadfast in their ideals

They were not alone on their journey to build up the business when they were joined by two like-minded soulmates – one also born in the same hometown of Nghe An Province and another growing up in Thai Nguyen Province.

Regardless of the different background, they found a meeting of minds among themselves and together engaged in having the Vietsun vessel set sail to the high seas.

The Vietsun Investment Corporation was founded on 15 June 2007 headquartered in 200/13-15 Go Dau street, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District. It traded in apparel and logistics.

Early in 2008 garment manufacturing was started in the company. Words failed to capture the ordeals of the early years when one part of the office was turned into a makeshift garment workshop manned with 17 workers and the other part was kept as office for 3 staffers. To keep delivery schedule of the first order, the management and labourers worked day and night, dedicating mind and energy to production.

The close guidance of the management and the determination of the labourers made it possible that the first PO of 203884 by Vietsun left the Saigon Port for Europe. The success story was viewed as a remarkable achievement to a young company, and an encouragement to the labourers, all the more proving the correct strategy mapped out by the management.

As Vietsun increasingly earned trust from the buyers, the management did not let opportunities slip through its fingers. On the one hand, it decided to swell the ranks and fully structured the company.  On the other, it kick started the construction of Viet An Factory.

Viet An came into being with the world economy being mired in a meltdown. In spite of the gloomy backdrop, once again solidarity and determination sprang into life across the company. Viet An International Company Ltd. was officially put into operation in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province on 27 December 2009.

Viet An made increasingly great strides through years of development and betterment. Starting mainly with simple fleece jackets, Viet An upgraded itself to production of high-end down jackets, padded jackets, and ladies’ fashion clothes. Growing annual revenues were posted. Management systems were more and more improved. Hundreds of jobs were created. All made Viet An a business of exemplary performance lauded by Ba Ria Vung Tau Province. This could be deemed a great achievement to Vietsun, all the more proving the correct strategy and the will, power, and solidarity of the management and labourers alike.  Vietsun made a case for being part and parcel of  the garment industry in Vietnam.

The eye-popping growth of the company drove the management to take proper steps: quickly perfecting the management system, and facilities to better meet the current buyers’ requirements and step up its search for potential buyers.

The concerted efforts and dedication of the management and labourers in Vietsun worked miracles when the company opened its head office in Tan Binh District on 25 December 2010.

Vietsun recorded striking growth over the following 3 years thanks to the correct strategy set forth by the management, hard work by the managing director and devotion by the labourers in the company. The business scope was increasingly expanding; the company structure was getting perfect day by day; the sales were continuously beating expectations; the buyers were turning into long-term partners. All in all, Vietsun etched its name in the  buyers’ mind and heart as a partner of prestige

Early in 2011 when the world economy showed signs of picking pace, the management found it necessary to make heavy expansionary investment so as to be better prepared for the comeback of the buyers to Vietnam – a new factory which was supposed to be larger than Viet An in size and scope was on a must-do list.

Viet Duc International Investment Company Ltd was put into operation intended to cement the bondage with the buyers.

Viet Duc with its head office located in Dong Nai Province mainly produces fleece jackets, blazers, function shirts, and pants.  Viet Duc quickly took the position of a flagship manufacturer within the company, creating thousands of jobs, and making contributions to the community. The growth of Viet Duc all the more proves Viesun’s correct strategy, levelling up its values, and making it part and parcel of the Vietnam garment industry.

Early in 2015 the management came to realize the need to nestle all the various functional departments under the same roof to generate an integrated synergy. On the occasion of the nationwide celebration of the unification of Vietnam, Vietsun officially relocated its offices in the Tan Binh Industrial Park. Its 5,000m2 Product R&D Centre situated in one of the growing IPs in Ho Chi Minh City houses various function groups, facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, being deemed to be a best-performing operational facility and ushering in a new chapter in the company’s history – sustainable growth.  

Looking back on its march starting with 20 staffers on the early days, Vietsun has made impressive strides with two wholly-owned modern factories employing 2,000 labourers and run in a scientific management system. It turns out to be a strategic partner to buyers, suppliers, and subcontractors as well as an exemplary business decorated by local authorities for years on end for its substantial contribution to the community.

Vietsun always pays due attention to the labourers’ welfare, and lays great emphasis on human resources development. The labourers, man and woman alike, are properly trained, helped with their career development, and spiritually well taken care of. Theme group tours, year-end get-togethers, and the like certainly become unforgettable memories. Vietsun is regarded as a great family where individual values are developed and corporate values held in high esteem.

In terms of time, ten years are neither long nor short – just enough to help to drive us forward in a confident fashion, and bring forth enough experiences for us to make greater successes in a foreseeable future. At its brisk pace of growth, Vietsun will definitely set up and conquer new heights.

Tomorrow begins from today.

A bright and sustainable tomorrow is within the reach as Vietsun, the management and the labourers alike, do their utmost to fulfill the noble mission – Warming Your Life.